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The Sportsman

The Sportsman, 3 cents July 22, 1843, Colburn and Madison on Ann st.  p. 1  Washington was a man, any one who will look at the plaster statues of him sold in this city, dressed in tight small clothes, will see fr the way they set in front, a remarkable deficiency.  artist committed an outrage o Father of our country, all the greater as statue of Napoleon of same size is supplied more liberally

            Water nymph in Alhambra ftn has curvature of spine, voluptuous limbs from in front, but crook in back awful, her derriere sharply defined but we like them so

            notes Bennett’s departure, Kettell dos money article, Hudson commercial matter, Beman, Camp does city intelligence, Dr Houston does chief editorial duties, Attree not at present, grows much more stupid

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