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True National Democrat and Morning Star

True National Democrat and Morning Star, NYPL mfilm, first issue they have is Dec 22 1852, one cent. Fiction on front page, sometimes a poem. p. 2 say to All True Democrats fr CC Childs (100 Nassau st) that long thought a cheap, properly conducted Demo paper would be sustained and is needed. Support Pierce, critical of those creating a sectional platform

Dec 24 letter fr The Iron Man, Wash correspondent, quite critical of Genl Scott, continues on 25th with puff of the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a georama. Polk’s presidency a golden era. Has a City Intellig column. 28 Richard B Connolly has a manly bearing. Like Azaraiah Flagg. 29 p2critical of spiritualism in Crisis, New Era etc; Mills Equestrian statue, noble, Cass address. Huntington, the artist, is settled for the winter, ptg the Good Samaritan, man fallen among thieves. $15 homestead ads. Praises Harper’s and Knick. Cites’ Pierce’s critique of Taylor. 31 Puffs A Eddy daugeuerreotypes on Bowery

Jan 1 1853. Mayor intends to appoint Francis W Edmonds of Mechanics Bank, chamberlain of the city, so new fund commissioners will include Mayor Westervelt, Comptroller Flagg, Recorder Tillou and Chamberlain Edmonds. skips to? Jan 4. Geo H Williams’ Uncle Sam their fave weekly. Jan 6 NY Whig merchants who reject Seward include Hoxie. 7 notices Mills statue again, statue a production of art and genius will render his name illustrious, Douglass wll orate. Approve of female telegraph operators. Ad for an engr of Pierce. 8, 10 JH Ingraham story starts. p. 2 Anniv of Battle of New Orleans on the 8th, equestrian statue at Washington in attitude in hour of his great military victory, but living monument in hearts will endure longer. Inauguration of the Equestrian Statue of Genl Jackson: splendid, said to be one of the most beaut works of art in the world. most striking feature of colossal statue is whole group is balanced and rests on hind feet, no other support. 35,000 pounds. those most intimately acquainted with him say likeness is excellent, precise uniform of New Orleans, whole fig looks livingly natural. Gives ceremonies and procession, ladies, 10-20,000 citizens, on rostrum were Mills, Douglass, Butler and Gallagher chaplains, Genls Scott and Wool, Houston, Col Benton, Ritchie, Blair, Rives. Douglas eloquent, alluded to statue, product of genius never seen one of the kind before, better than those of Peter the Great and Duke of Wellington, bolted at the tail whereas this was self poised. Mills received with much cheering, veil fell, magnif bronze, on north side, Our Federal Union it must be preserved, statue spoke for artist. Jan 11 Tammany New Orleans celebrations, in Tammany Hall, grand ptg by Merritt of battle, lifelike and well executed, 25 feet in length, Jarvis portrait. 12, 13 notices Stimson of Day Book had his house robbed on Long Island. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 regularly attacks the Trib. bill passed the house to employ Mills to do a colossal equestrian statue of GW for $40,000; likes spicy illus Lantern, likes Pratt’s lecture to Mechanics Institute. 20 Equestrian Statues, 1783 Congress wanted one for GW, thought by a French artist to appear in Roman costume. 8 years ago enterprising citizens Blair Ritchie et al employed inexperienced young man to furnish a design, subscriptions, Congress appro metal, triumphantly succeeded, triumph of art, skill and science, first undertaking, now resurrecting 1783, Dean of this State taking the lead, statue in moment of victory. Merc Lib decided not to buy Astor Place Opera, didn’t want to go so far up town 21 supports NY Pilots seeking justice, Maine law a failure, Likes Theo A Foster’s US Review. Whig Neutral Papers—Times lies, pledged to Whiggery. 22 puffs Hiram Anderson carpets. reviews theaters and music. 24 Judge Morris a democrat, doesn’t get justice fr Whig press. Geo Bancroft able lecturer. Hope women will stay at home and out of politics. 28 Admire Senator Beekman’s libel law but think it’s doomed 29,31

Feb 1 1853  notices Nat Clay monument assoc. 2 Banvards ptg of Holy Land most gaudy and attractive. Kossuth bubble is burst. 3 fire in Nassau street, rooms of Orr engraver somewhat scorched. Likes Putnams. 5 defends Hudson Riv rrd. 7 approve no more public executions 8,9,10, 11,12 praises Lit World, 14 notices Meagher 15, 16 p.2 speech of Sen Douglas, Old Fogy, Young America. Reputed head of YA spoke on Monroe Doctrine, perfect moral courage, should have all the Brit possessions. Veritas a corresp. 18, 19 Trib dislikes Matsell 21, 22, 23 I still live! Danl Webster’s last words, a poem by LH Sigourney, and earlier published a defense of Webster’s use of campaign funds 24,25 no reason for international copyright 26 statisticians tell us 2200 women of the town in city and 40,000 seamstresses compelled to it once in a while, Pease of Five Points, newspaper notes that women are insulted in open thoroughfares

March 1 1853, 2 has had a lot of coverage of play White Slave of England 3 disting artists of Italy will contrib to crystal Pal. 4 abbrev. 5, 7 Eve Mirror liked Pierce’s inaug 8, support Marcy for Cabinet ok with Cooper’s urban reform 9, 10,11,12,14,15,16,17 wants cheapest books possible, copyright will increase cost 18, 19 Mirror libel suit, Fuller v Forrest, in favor of Forrest for $250, surprised by the result, Fuller showed he wasn’t biased, admires Forrest and Fuller, both worthy 21,22 likes Lester’s account of his consulship in Genoa 23,24, 25,26,28 Tom Corwin, Whig pet, was corrupt, appointed by Fillmore. Notes Oscar F Oatman now at Sunday Dispatch, doing business dept, one of pioneers of Sunday press 29,30,31

April 1 1853 poem by NP Willis My mother.  occasional book notices. 2,4,5,6,7,8 crit of Stowe’s writing Puffs Washington Saloon, Riell’s restaurant 9 Trib and Mirror at war, also Trib and Times; Courier and Enquirer attacking J of Commerce, Courier and Day Book attacking Times 11,12 ok with police uniforms, dot want to spend money to buy a park (scheme of speculators) 13 ok with Day Book using women type setters to break the strike 14,15, 16 new source litho stone in OH 18,19 critical of John Brodhead’s history of NY as poorly researched 20 lola montes clipping 21 p2 Art Union in Trouble again, committee will investigate. Had the active agents of the AU been poor, penniless denizens of Cross and Orange st instead of lawyers, bankers and merchants luxuriating in brownstone front houses abt Union Park and the 5th Ave, leg would have acted sooner. 22,23,25 Girard College whit management scandalous 26,27,28 moved to 103 Nassau. Tombs should be razed to the ground, unhealthy 29,30 wants 10 hour day. sewing women shld get paid more. like Russ pavement

May 2 1853. 3 covering the Art Union investigation, continues on 4th, Hoppin ed of the Bulletin, Wm A Butler wrote for it, Duyckinck got compensation for publications in his paper Lit World as did Raymond. Childs and Co pd for an etching for a Bulletin $35. 5 pro annexation 6 pro YA 7 p2 Art Union Investigation furnishes singular facts, chief witness Monck. never had much confidence in AU, well covered up public imposition, pompous pretensions to char of great encourager of Art hypocritical assumptions, mere instrument in hands of would be disting men for manuf of self importance, whole machinery a faro table or rouge et noir wheel on an affectedly moral scale. humbugeous show of cheap effort to improve public taste, while other games denounced. Mismanaged concern, if not dishonest. Thousands lost. 9 notes a friend asks withhold judg on Art Union, will see that Monck is not reliable 10 Hans Yorkel is A Oakey Hall, the nY corresp of New Orleans Bulletin 11 p.2 AU Investigation, $50 pd Richd Grant White for editorial, and that pictures bought on personal responsibility of members for themselves, not proving as valuable as anticip, were put in Rooms and sum pd them drawn fr treasury, and that foreign pics imported and sums paid to English artist JW Glass 12 abolition fanatics, pseudo philos 13,14,16, 18 agrees with Herald 19,20,21,23,24,25,26 JT Headley good 27, 28 praises Sunday Atlas 30 support Belmont’s appointment as a diplomat, only Whigs would attack him on grounds of his relig/immig 31 no NAD ads

June 1 1853 Now ok with a park, Westervelt et al backing it, popular demand 2,3 admires Julia Dean, otices Illus Mag of Art 4 p.2 Course of Empire, Louis Noble book, memory, hailed with satisfaction, Bryant among best of Am poets, life of Cole thrilling incident 6 publishes card fr Crystal Palace re late opening, 7 support amending city charter 8,9,10 AU Investigation, report says laudable purposes sincere motives, but disbursing agent not following best practices, Managers received sums of money for services in capacities other than their official duties 11,13,14, 15 Thackeray lectures on the Georges will be humbug, flat. Getting city advertising now, 17, 18 likes Sunday Times. worried Free soilism will destroy Dems 20,21,22 p2 Great National Ptg, messrs Franklin two thirds done with pano of Niagara Falls, work of art, faithful port, most wonderful, best ever ptd, striking effect of summer and winter views, almost real, within roar of mighty waste of waters, foamy billow, 15th of July in Hope Chapel. No announcement of design winners for Crystal Palace prize medal yet, why? 23,24 very hostile to dogs. very critical of a founder of a new journal, from the south, changes his political tune constantly. 25,27,28 now approves of a Central Park 29 Le Republican, a French paper in city, publishes Cornelius Mathews’ Witchcraft, will be better apprec by French than Amer 30 Sun has taken up foolish Whig cry for a city govt elected indep of party, forsaken all its old affinities for pop feeling and plays into hands of the enemies of pop institutions. Sun once friend of the poor, advocate of the rights of the laboring classes, but hollow professions exposed on q of value of labor, dissimulating nature, undermines principles. So joins with Times and Trib in favor of neutrality

July 1,2 1853 recommends Barnum’s and Nat Theater with JR Scott for the holiday 4. Skipped July and August. Aug 26 1853 p. 2 The Union Club: composed of men of honor and uprightness, true supporters of the Nat and State Demo. Chauncey Burr editor of Nat Dem  is of a disorganizer clique of the National Democrat. The Democracy of Cliquism (communicated): Burr’s is organ of faction assailing Tammany, Pierce, th e Young Mens Demo Union Club. Notices Fremont.Agrees with Mirror, no disinterested kindness except from women who love us. 27 Musical World says Sontag management bribed Times, Courier, J of Commerce, Comm Advert, Express, Herald and other dailies except Trib and Eve Post, also Sunday papers. 29 Gives list of Union Democratic papers, those with asterisk supported Cass in 1848: NY Eve Post, True Nat Dem, Brooklyn Eagle. disunionists are NY Nat Dem. Hostile to Free Soil. 30 rejects Nativism. Notices Frankenstein’s pano of Niagara. 31 

Sept 1 1853 Day Book is sprightly, agreeable sensible but sorry to say Whiggishly inclined evening newspaper, disapproves of female compositor starting a Job office to teach women to handle type 2 Nat Dem abuses Fowler & Wells as didn’t publish Burr’s book. West Point defective organized, prevents promotion fr the ranks 5, 6 notices fair of Am Inst 7 very critical of Mirror for giving space to article fr Putnam’s Monthly attacking Pierce admin 8 French andGermans of NY are as a body sound republicans, know folly of Reformers, only aliens went ot the meeting last Tuesday. Richmond Enquirer says Crystal Palace a humbug, to enrich some NY speculators. Trib won’t publish names of Whig party nominations any more. 9 very critical of Harper’s, steal for their magazine. seem to like Cass. 10, 12,13 Herald daily stigmatizes us as Free Soilers in disguise, looking for a reward for our return to orthodoxy, and admires the disorganizers under Burr as pure (Burr hostile to Odd Fellows? thinks they control Tammany?) 14 true Demo is pro territorial expansion 15 mostly English poetry 16, 17, 19, 20 original Sonnets by B Hallock on love, others by Hallock subsequently 22 notice statue of Clinton moving to Greenwood earlier, Statue of Columbus in Norfolk 24, 26, 27, 28 puff for St Geo and Dragon ptg at Barnums, breadth of light, depth of shade, wide open jaws, triumphant look, all pen, tinted inks, John D Williams Esq of Pittsburg 29, 30 like John Van Buren’s speech

Reel 2, True Nat Dem and Morning Star, NYPL

Oct 1 1853 3 puffs Broadway Theater 4,5,6,7 wary of Reform 8,10,11 notices Fowler’s phreno lectures. CE Lester is corresp for London Times and libels Pierce for not giving him an appointment, farrago suits the Whigs 14, 15 Bennett of Herald tried to get Pierce to give ambassador to France for him, or to Spain, wasn't qualified, but now disappointed attacks Pierce and joins Bolters from party 18 money raised for statue of Clay in KY 19, 20,22 calls the great Whig papers of the city the Herald, Trib Times Express and others. like Rufus Griswold. 24,25,26 likes NP Willis’ writing 28, 31 C Edwards Lester gasbag, leading Bolters. Sunday Dispatch is under Whig management and has leaned towards Hards of Demo who are merging with Whig, but editor of Dispatch justly praises John Van Buren 

November 1 1853 visit to Palace of Art at Crystal Palace, fine specimens of miniature ptgs despite dominance of daguerreotypes, Tabrorie, near Thorwalsden, and Tabrorie also did a hist ptg of Rebuke of Hector. Many gems there. 2,3, 5. Skipped rest of November.

Dec 1 1853 likes Silas Wright, 2 aristocracy of dress, stuck up people in fashions who don’t pay for it 5,6 Praises all the Irish American papers in the city 8,9,10.12, 13 Phoebe Cary poem. Kossuth is a humbug. Loves Hot Corn 14 Oyster House Criticism: Fry’s libel suit agst Bennett exposed machinery by which Opera has been sustained in public opinion, evidence of “journalist” Foster, a man of talent tho unpopular, a bombshell, and Richard Grant White formerly of C&E has contradicted him, making it more confusing. Long critiques on Opera in the blanket press not free, written by friends of the management, in pay, public innocent victims, but not injured. Did Fry keep what Foster called a literary army, or Foster a lone star in galaxy of oyster house genius, or White and Otis of Express his assistants. We don’t think oyster house crit is that inferior to any other species, nor shld Herald persecute Fry accordingly 15 we like Fry, glad he won his suit 16 review UTC at National theater, super successful, loves it. 17,19,20,21,22,23,24,26,29.30.31


Jan 2 1854, 4, 5 likes thomas Picton’s True American 6,7,9, 11. skipped to Feb 23, 24 letter critical of road thru Trinity cemetery. National theater is Purdy’s moral temple. 27 p.2 Statue of Washington: Congress appropriation for statue of GW by Clark Mills, immense proportions, his nose 15 inches. moment is when GW won at Princeton, war horse going to meet armed men, versus calm and self possessed determined Chief. Contrast as impt in sculp as light and shade in ptg. 28

March 1 1853. 2 want police to wear uniforms, not be foreigners. 3 editorial critical of Trinity Church, no special exemptions 4 supports Nebraska bill 6 Crystal Palace: stupendous imposition, mismanagement of Board. Farrand daguerreotypes 7,8,9,10 Art Intelligence: Edw Brackett’s bust of JJ Astor put into marble for his library; model and cast were by Horation Greenough but Brackett has finished it 11,13 likes forrest 14 continues critical of Crystal Palace but likes Barnum, he will investigate its dealings 15,17,18,20 approve of news boys lodging house in Sun bldg,21,22,23 Greenough’s Statue of GW: report it had been maliciously mutilated, but just crack in marble belt of sword 24,25,27,28 GG Foster with the Day Book, he says permanently, well informed ready writer, will be a success 29, 30

April 1, 1854, 3,4 Mirror defends dueling, True Demo (Sheriff Orser its main editor?) says it’s no better than thievery. Mirror says True Dem is organ of the Softs. Gen Webb sad ambition to mingle with nobility. 5, 6 WHC Hosmer one of best poets our country has produced, put in our columns before by Redfield 7,8, 11,12,14,15. reel ends there.