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True Sun

True Sun mfilm LOC 1844

one cent Nassau

Jan: 13 slams Moses Beach for slandering Mrs Bennett, blames Demo Purdy and Vandervoort for his getting off with just $250, justice for the rich not the poor.

merchant exploits mechanics. Beach shaves profits out of his workers.

            masthead looks like others, two allegorical women sun rising behind, tools scattered on either side, shield or flag in between the women. Promotes Mech Inst.

Wash corresp WXY is Demo, but says sentiment is hostie to Van Buren, think he will be beaten, many disting Demos in south will vote for Clay, though they don't like him either, but Calhoun men won’t support VB..

Feb 12 Palmos Ital opera is third rate, elab puffs don't work. Puffs New World Feb 21 The Business of NY, doggett’s directory, arts largely represented, 4 historical ptrs, Anelli Morse Chapman and Gray, 10 lscape 18 miniature, 56 portrait ptrs, 5 preparers of paint. WXY Anglo Saxons most superior race on earth, WXY is pro annexation 24 critical of castellated Gothic style being revived for private homes. 27 Wetmore brought in new Board of NY and Erie rrd, praises Henry C Watson as music instructor. support female labor, it’s oppressed. Doesn’t have much in way of theater reviews, tho condemns their purchase of good press.

March 1844 5 3 picture cleaners in city producing Correggios and Teniers, from cracked canvass of the auction rooms, Muler really wonderful. Michael Paff used to be at its head. Gen Tallmadge chair of Wash Mon Assoc sent handsome litho design by Calvin Pollard for approval, cenotaph in enriched Gothic style, 425 ft hi, pentagon plan, Rotunda for Wash statue holding Dec of Indep surrounded by foreign allies, niches for generals in milit costume, whole design pleases us much 7 want cheap or free public baths, approve crackdown on prostitution, disapprove of Whiting getting paid so much 16 puffs Bro Jonathan, which has this week a highly complimentary notice of late ed of New World 18 notes ongoing attack on West Point, acad supported by those in favor of annexing TX 19 support annexation but not immediately 20 p1 from an occas Wash correspondent, went to Capitol, politicians are demagogues and vulgar, not like old days. Saw the statue of Wash for first time, gigantic fig, classical no doubt, but not in accord with our notions of this greatest of men. p2 advocate interests of the mechanic, enlarging. Nat Intellig quotes letter of our Wash corresp re Tyler’s intent to annex, don't think he will, urge caution. Webster has denounced annexation, despite his alliance with Tyler, his announcement will kill Clay in the south, which wants to annex. John L Graham is giving them the postal advertising

April 2 adv for NY Gall of FA, $1 free admission for life, pleased to see it 4 Onderdonk lives like a nobleman. Praises New Mirror. 5 Henry Eckford helped ptr Wm Dunlap with money 10 not upset about Harper winning Mayor, hope there will be reform, inclu Sabbatarian laws 12 OM writes praising Associationism (Fourier), but editors think it’s tied to infidelity, and rationalism not enough to sustain society. 21 praises the Anglo American 22 disapprove of current NY and Erie Bd. support a tariff to protect mechanic. Webb gone to England 24 Rome corresp has visited studios of Greenough, Powers, Freeman, Terry and Crawford 25 details of anti-annexation mtg at Tabernacle, Bryant, Sedgwick, Harper 26 praises Winchester’s Life in the New World as fr a Great Am Author

skips to May 3. 6 describes a pro annexation mtg somewhat hostile-ly. McLachlin, reporter for Express injured. LT Tasistro plausible. no enthus in crowd. Benton assailing Calhoun. 7 WXY says Clay and Van Buren annex letters were written in concert, retreat fr previous oppos to annex, try to crush Calhoun 17 Sun alm exclusively ed by a pair of scissors 22 crit of toadying to Brit celebs

June 1 agrees with Bishop Hughes letter (in C&E) responding to Comm Adv and Herald 11 like Willis. missing most of June. Jul 2 new paper Tomahawk and Scalping Knife is title of new paper opposed to Lottery speculations 4 RC Wetmore good, Herald bad. I skipped fr July 6 to

Sept 4. 6 prefer Walter Scott to Eugene Sue 10 Wash mon assoc for one in Union Sq determined to realize Pollard’s beaut design fast, benefit at Chatham with Mayor and Common Council attending 14 Art Union, new impulse under new name, room for exhib, firmly estab. difficulties of young artist, noble conceptions, hi designs, elev enthusiasm, but long progress, and indiff critic may detect a fault without relishing the beauties, strives reads, studies to advance, feverish anxiety, rare taste, turns to portraits for money, must appear gay and happy while hungry, for fame sacrifices family, but will rise if endures, world will wake up. Art Union steps in in the meantime, to toilers, some of greatest Am painters have been helped, those abroad too. wish it prosperity. 17 Leutze beaut hist pic at Art Union, four lscapes of Misses Nasmyth and Deas’ Santa Fe Trader, place of great resort. All monies go to artists. Anelli’s End of the World advertises. Notices odd fellows. 20 Wash Mon supported by workingmen in noble manner, cornerstone next Feb, design is much liked 24 penny press so widespread it must be virtuous, men of wealth don't underst that it ought to be supported. Mayor Harper has common sense. puffs Wash mon. 25 p2 Old Pictures systematic taking in of New Yorkers by old masters, excellent article in foreign journal describes it, Ital manufacturers, copying in Louvre, painful to see in houses of wealthiest horrible daubs, connoisseurship has set of words at hand, clever, forcible, well touched, harmonized in keeping foreshortened, charoscuro, don’t know first principles of persp but can show a fig out of drwg, can’t tell foliage of tree fr one another nor one principle, refined taste of hi intellects may appreciate art without knowl, but deficiency of educ or study never affects the authoritative tone of the mushroom critic, should patronize our own artists and found galleries of Am masters 27 Humbug—need more educ, let humbug be exposed, teach children to think, investigate, test truth or falsehood, wont be led away by Socialism, Mormonism, Millerism or Charlatan-ism. puffs Columbian, inclu Poe, James F Otis a leading contrib to So Lit Mess 30 like Macready, doesn’t hire puffers

Oct 1844 loves NYHS 3 surprised gmen in Hamilton sq haven’t wanted the Wash Mon, since Union place location meeting with opposition, developers of twelvth ward should be interested 10 Rev Dr Hawks will address charges agst him at presbytery, no details 12 regular coverage of Am Inst fair 24 hostile to English, no real regard for us other than our money

November 11 largest liberty is wrong, would lead to disorder and confusion, men can’t be left free to carry out their onw views, self imposed restraints no enough 12 the Abolition movement is dead. 16 An Abolitionist writes letter disagreeing 19 Eve Mirror had excellent crit on Carlyle, unaccountable enthusiasm for him, Germanic style, nonsense. likes Mrs Osgood and Park Benjamin and AD Paterson’s Am J of FA 23 TD English of Aurora abt to estab Aristidean 30 Aurora reported story of Hiram Fuller’s wife’s father assaulting her at the Park theater, upset about her marriage, tho mom approved

Dec 3 Art Union praised extensively, helps struggling, one eminent engraver who would otherwise be unemployed enjoying three years of comfort, no review of art itself. I don’t see an ad. Stopped at 14th.

LOC mfilm True Sun Jan-Dec 1845

skipped to Mar 4. likes benevolent assoc of workingmen 7 Bancroft too radical a nomination for the south, hope he’ll get it anyways. need jobs for women. 15 know Briggs, liked Broadway Journal better before he hired Poe

16 NY Gall of Fa, city gives lease of rotunda, small annual membership fee, children free, strangers small fee, managed by patriotic citizens, hope judicious. Purchase and display of pics difficult, artists sensitive, need their support and favor.  We have ptrs and sculp of highest order, natural taste for the fine arts, Leutze and Huntington reflect glory, as do others, complete series of Am school pics shld be a principal obj, will attract tourists 22 Havemeyer is a sugar merchant. weekly Rover is good, SB Dean, 123 Fulton. Forrest will triumph

April 21 NAD open, cursory look no cat, as a whole not so creditable as last yr, tho some works of a high order of excellence in hist, lscape and port, but also quite a no of v poor pics. Only a few sculps. 22 correct our reporter fr yesterday, not inferior to last year, but present coll is v superior and excels anything by the Acad for many yrs

28 NAD for the True Sun by ADC, same monosyllabic female attendant, Editorial corps rec ea one ticket, which is expected to bring fortha  column of laudation or censure, the expense of which is $10-12, yet without this aid, one half of the artists would be unknown, as they deserve to be. Bold is the critic that dare tell the truth. Accompanied by 3 lady friends.

            3 rooms, almost 400 works by 145 artists. Class them generally by hist lscape marine ports inis and groups classical misc and imag. Rothermel’s Surrender 230 most conspicuous, reds predominate, highly colored, fr Prescott, individualities minutely studied, lacks concentration and intensity, mind carried away fr point and effect by eleg and indep of accessories. Yet vive Rothermel!

            Death of Abel, Mayr not creditable, of his 6 or 7, not tolerable. Cole’s Elijah another failure, hasty, don’t see the destruction of the wind etc, just an ordinary tempest, his forte is in Am lscapes, believe earliest manner his happiest, we prized some of his pics which we possessed. Leutze Parting of Edway and Elgiva 126 not his best, magnif of Columbus and chaste 3 Marys throw this into shade. 211 Chapman Rachel, catalog got verse wrong, but first class, grandeur in figure corresponds to ideas in those days of continuance of families, no ord artist, carping crit of his manner reflects on the critics. Ranney spirited skirmish of Cowpens, cleverness and patriotism, a novelty, should sell, no rivals in this dept. No others in hist pics which we will allude, it is in infancy. Men of wealth have given up auction speculations in Raphaels and Correggios, going in for orig and better ptg, artists will rise with the pressure.

May 1845 6 front page has engr of fire at Tribune bldg in February, which is right next to True Sun offices on Nassau st 13 Titian’s Venus, artists and connoisseurs say finest ever seen in Am, a perfect woman reclingin luxuriously on oriental couch after the bath, realize artistic ideal, shld see it 20 puffs magnif Venus again 21 NAD no 2, portraits, subjs are freq bad, ptrs aren’t too blame, gmen with remarkable whiskers, highly colored cravats, dashing waistcoats. If no educ, have a book. Smirking, smiling, self-complacent personages. Sentimental miss with bouquet, ap dog, a hack fr livery stable. Prefers the Die Vernon style of fig, partic in her costume. Actresses, of whose favor some enthus and verdant genius is emulous, stare in magnif of tragic omedy. Ptrs have trick of making eyes look every way, not true to nature, but what of that, but in these portraits they stare you out of countenance. a gallant officer now at Rio almost seems abt to speak, so lively are his ptd orbs. 7 by Wenzler attracted attn for great spirit and apparent violation of certain rules of art, some think ptd fr daguerreotype, such exactitude and sharpness of outline, beaut and well dressed woman seems alive and passing across vision, gratifying. 104 Boyle’s ports of Harry and Helen Shelton, appreciate subject, gentlemanly and gentle. Ingham 184 gd, his char style. 191 Chapman fine, 235 Fink capital. Generally we liked not the protraits, much knowl and tact.

June does series of editorials on house servants. Big Bro Jon ad. 14 need laws to help the poor, stop creditors 17 black bars for death of Jackson (genl not pres) 18 praises Mech Inst, is often overlooked. fires at Phila Acad of FA are arson. lots on Jackson. 30 urges need for Arts of Design, boys just learn trades, excellent individs trying to set up schools free for mechanics, painters will teach, and will illustrators, compete with Paris, admirable scheme.

July doesn’t list NAD as an amusement on the 4th. I skipped to

Sept 1845. Shepherd Knapp now on NY and Erie rrd board. Taking stuff on Fremont fr Nat Intellig. Insley $1 dag ports 13 recommend seeing West’s Christ Healing the Sick 18 give the names of the committee to supervise the Washington statue of Jackson, Cave Johnson, FP Blair, Ritchie, Kendall Rives Van Ness etc and 19 p1 that the amount is $100,000 by subscription. JL O’Sullivan promoted the plan. $10 subscribers get steel engr of the statue framed in hickory. Sale of the Bonaparte pics. 20 suspicious of John Gough. Covers Unitarians. like the Brooklyn Eagle. cover more theater.

Oct 1845 1 bronze statue of Jackson at Capitol, approved of it as a great natl proect, but the Globe says disting gman of this city, leading member of Jackson party, who participated in it, was described as being abhorrent—clearly they don’t want anyone outside to help, ought to build one here in our own city instead, won’t be insulted by Washington office holders as officious or improper. Notices Koch’s sea serpent. 9 Progress of American Art is re Am Inst at Niblo’s, skill of our countrymen, lamps  13 Titian Venus puff. notices an auction of foreign ptgs. Like Leopold de Meyer. 22 do series of birds eye view of city streets, eg Catherine st 24 glad Eve Post pressing for charter city reform, even tho Herald dismisses it

Nov 3 Evening Mirror condemned without reserve our leading editorial articles, too learned for the masses or lower ten thousand, but our circulation is second largest in city. support Lawrence’s monument at Trinity. Bryant home soon. 8 history of papers published just in 162 Nassau st sinc 1834, NY Evangelist by eo Cheever, Xtian Library, Fam Mag, Ladies Morning Star, Daily Transcript penny paper, Wm L Mackenzie Gazette large weekly for Canadian affairs, Daily Whig, Evening Tattler and Sunday Morning Atlas in 1839, Whig zealous and spirited, Tattler ed by H Hastings Weld able, Atlas still pub by Herrick West and Ropes. 1840 Bro Jon started by Wilson & Co with Park Benj, who left it for Jonas Winchester and New World, Bro Jon stopped Mar 1844. 1840 Willis’ Corsair, then 1841 Dollar Mag as coll of articles fr Bro Jon, 1842 the Washingtonian, Ny Aurora by pub of Atlas, defended Tyler, same publishers just started Dollar Weekly. 1843 True Sun, share with Sunday Times and Young America. Times is best Sunday paper, veteran editor. YA is Nat Reform. Bldg best known for origin of cheap publishing mania (Bro Jon gets credit) 20 streets of NY is Broadway 24 Story of a picture in Holland

Dec 4 Am AU gallery free beaut coll of ptgs, give plan, engr fr Durand Capture of Major Andre, and lists ptg for distrib. Court of Death advertising. 10 Geo E Baker pub Spirit of the Age, agst death penalty

Bloodgood leaves as editor.

LOC mfilm True Sun Jan-Jun 1846

I skipped to March 6. 7 Trib attacks True Sun, Trib values machines more than labor. Park Godwin and Greeley at anti-capital punishment society mtg, True Sun seems to argue. Likes Lester’s artists of america. 18 support Polk on Oregon, accuse Courrier of being unAmerican 21 praises Spirit of 76 in Columbian (matteson)

April 7 critical of corporations. Beach unsymp to poor. 11 City Intellig Fine Arts on DJ Lamont’s new ptg of Healing of the Cripple by St Peter at Simon’s Gate, 165 sq ft of canvas, 21 life size figs, splendid architectural ptg, more than ord talent, will take it on tour. likes Morris’ natl press 25 likes Mrs Gore, one of few novels that leans to Demo principles

May 4 fr Dublin Mag the sculptor’s first love 5 notices NAD and Plumbe’s (free) as most interesting exhibs in the city, Fowler’s free lecture on phreno, and Brady 8 praises C Mathews’ Witchcraft in Phila 22 JK Paulding 25 supports the war, critical of J of Commerce for opposing it, calls them blue light presses. Beach’s Wealthy citizens is a blackmail contrivance, just pay to get in it

Jun 3 new daily Whig paper under consideration by a committee, most principal daily journals of the city are Whig, but costly, and Whigs want a journal uncontaminated by visionary extravagances, disgusting egotism, and ribald and rabid ravings of a mind diseased (angry at Trib over war) 9 Veritas responds to Vindicator in C&E, he’s too political, but they sort of agree 12 Admire Gen Scott but support president. p4 poem Loafer’s soliloquy 13 huge bro Jon ad

I stopped there. 

LOC mfilm July-Dec 1846

July 1 Beach of the Sun blocked True Sun fr telegraph reports association, other papers, Express, Evening Mirror, True Sun tried to join J of Commerce and trib went along. Skipped fr July 4th to Sept 1. Oddfellows offering has designs by Lossing Casilear, and Matteson 8 think Beach is looking for a Demo office, v crit of him 10 sad Morning news died, ably conducted 21 rec’d lot of communications re Forrest, amusing diversity of opinion. Series of Obadiah letters, working class, wants a kind of homestead act, don't trust party 24 Poe’s literati of NY is from a conceited and flippant Jeremy Diddler who hangs on skirts of NY press, to disgrace pages of his beaut and pop magazines, masses of falsehood, fawning sycophant to menial hire stamps this pander to bloated vice and detractor fr deserving merit. TD English a just and reliable biographer.

Oct 2 notices Vanderlyn’s pic, admired in france. Obadiah is a Demo writing to nephew who is a whig, critiques Greeley’s editorial in the Trib asking why the working man votes wrong, when he writes to sustain the manufacturing interests and the tariff. disagrees with C&E abt new state constitution 23 huge Robt Sears ad for his books, which TS praises. lots on Am inst as usual. should pay fair wages to women. 26 Obadiah is critical of the Eve Post, silent abt some wrongs, much talent but quiet vein of self consequence, mostly radical republican, but still savor of condescension as if writer expects gratitude. controlled by a clique, but advocates for progress, miss Leggett.

Nov 4 Whigs voted for Mike Walsh, not Demos. Obadiah says Tammany is in dust and ashes. Happy that land rights, equal rights, rights of colored are in the ascendant.12 CB Burkhardt card re Leopold de Mayer. Stopped after the 16th.

True Sun LOC mfilm 1847

poem on labor. puffs Home J, which has a letter fr Poe; treats it as Willis’ mag. Big minstrel ad. Skipped fr Jan 15 approx to Mar 2. Has on p4 the whole Odd Fellows directory. Likes Illus Mag under Lawrence Labree now, 222 Broadway, fewer but better embellishments

April 1847 5 two of former proprietors having purchased fr five late partners their respective interests, so just down to two, no change in general plan, though there were conflicting views among former editors (now it’s just Wm H Dinsmore & Morrill, instead of Dinsmore & Co). Notice Yankee Doodle, like it, quotes their satire of Progressive Poetry. Agree with C&E re govt. 27 critical of public funding for universities that don’t offer more practical educ, are sectarian. crit of condescension of J of Commerce

May 1847 crit of legislating temperance. Like Omoo. 4 critical of Trinity church’s wealth being restricted to its own congregation, against its charter. Contrib For the True Sun by W has review of NAD: nearly 400 ptgs, select a few for commentary, no partizanship, just friend of the arts and native talent. Rothermel’s Cortez fr Prescott, worthy of prominent place. Glass’ Cromwell fair characterization, natural. durand 24 22 and 77 lscape compos by Durand all conspic heavy atmosphere of bright sunlight, repetitive. Elliott’s ex Gov Bouck, spirit well kept up in “old white horse” grazing in pasture before a sub-treasury mansion, wish artist had inserted a magnetic telegraph or some of the new improvements which show the advance ment of the age. Figure is too full, but as a whole among the finest. 143 and 170 by Elliott masterpieces, though men are entirely free fr Bacchanalian excess which gd humor and red paint of the artist has awarded them. 334 his port of lady ranks with Henry Inman. Lazarus port successful. Wotherspoon lscape compos needs diff paint on his cattle. HP Gray 62 teaching immortality beaut moral lesson, tranquil harmony music, rapture, undying notes, warmly and soothingly. 83 His Greek Lovers, one looks more happy if had a clean shirt, a greasy Bowery boy in appearance , beaut lady ought to cut him. 125 charming child, improves, undying fame. 64 Waldo and Jewett one of few pics emphatically designated port of a gman, sky scenes alw in bad taste for a port, too dashing effort at effect. Beard last of the red men, well dressed Indians driven to shore for farewell leap, sinking in tide of civ. W Ranney Wash on mission to Indians, does gd winter scenes, Wash has majesty and loftiness, dreary wilderness gives life to scene. Huntington Mercy fainting, in mercy for the goodly dame wish she had fainted under some other artist, as has dislocated her shoulder. Immense waste of territory only beguiled by uneven mtns of flesh. She was not born to faint, hands of a laundress.

May 5 p2 NAD concluded: 23 is port of our tasty friend the Genl, conseq taken by Huntington, pic will alw be in keeping of a winter’s day, hope great coats may continue in fashion. 222 Piety and Folly pleasing contrast, great pic. JT Peale (Peele) 65 and 95, Children of the County, elevated position, near ceiling, must view sky, give up so much Prussian blue, fine prize for AU, we mean to subscribe. WE Audubon water natural. Rossiter Puritans, modern arm chair not in accord, nor is young lady dress consistent with age of studied bigotry, but fine pic. His 154 head Florentine, fine mod school. his 307 Twilight hrs, a few ugly women floating somewhere along the sky in an aeriel bark, with some gaudy coloring, form a v brilliant little pic. 147 Flower girl by Chas Ingham, rather an odd sort of girl to be a follower of this amusement, underst the art of carrying large armsfull. Flower pot not in good taste, but plant worth an hour’s ride to see. Louis Lang Venetian Bride and  Heavenly bride, decided merit, agreeable. Stearns perils of colonists, not a good draftsman, AU has purchased fine pic. Carlier pleasing. WS Mount Force of music, coloring not quite what it ought, but drwg much better, and meritorious performance. Cropsey Spring 163, joyous season, finely portrayed. Gignoux Winter powerful, this is frigid but natural, 304 Niagara better. 173 July Sunset Fred church, showy lscape of schoool of Thom Cole, will be successful, his 84 pleases artists but laity object. 177 Kensett fine but not extraord. 178 Henry 8 Leutze, lot of labor, fine finish, conception easy and character indicates reign of corrupt monarch, full force and effect for chosen, rejected, jealous and subservient. 179 Cole’s Mtn Ford may be best, or Durand or Achembach, in coll. Edmonds Orphan’s Funeral v gd, but meagre representation of destitute woman conveying an infant coffin not pleasant for drwg rm, idea lacks taste. Wm Page port gman neat, bears crit. Achenback at first an abortion, then exceedingly fine. Chas Deas Mtn Pass splendid dashing horese, his 110 and 124 can’t appreciate. May’s Flood, happiest work of all, magnif design, cradle and sleeping baby and pussy cat float, orig performance. Miss Wagner and TS Officer bold and vigor. 345 little magician well done. HK Brown Rebekah beaut, we could worship. Of exhib as whole, most leave thinking falls behind, we have contrary opinion. W.

I don’t see an NAD ad. May 15 agrees with Knick that Noah’s Sunday Times and Messenger exercises conservative influ on large class of readers. 24 cautious abt Mex territory. support free Acad.

June 1 contrib writes approving of their efforts to awake attn to evil of pauper classes of Euro coming to our shores to detriment of our laboring classes, Euro banishes ts criminals here. Likes Kettell’s Demo Rev (has Wikoff in it). Giant Bro Jon ad on first page. 8 defends Odd Fellows, describes festival, FJ Otterson wrote an ode (ottarson?). hostile to Douglas Jerrold. 12 site for Jackson monument a beaut plot, design for statue after Peter the great, eminent artists Powers of Florence and Mills of SC have been requested to furnish designs. Very critical of the Express. mixed feelings abt Polk. Kirkland’s Mag will be a success, everyone likes her, admirable orig pics by Matteson, will improve.

True Sun Jun 21 1847, p. 3 ad for Graham’s Mag for July emphasizes gallant magnificent port of Gen Taylor, engr by Sartain, worth a thosu of catchpenny affairs disgrace the country, , followed by an ad for a Large and Correct Colored Port of Gen Taylor the Size of Life, one dollar, Long & Brother, 32 Ann st, the only correct likeness ever, gives certificates fr other military men of its correctness.

True Sun, Jun 21, 1847 p. 3 Advertisement for Magnif port of Gen Taylor in Graham’s Mag for July, eleg mezzotint, engr Sartain, worth a thousand of the catchpenny affairs which disgrace the country.  Below it an ad for a large and correct colored port of Gen Taylor, Size of Life, $1, Long & Brother, 32 Ann St, the only correct likeness ever given, certificate signed by army officers

            Also ads for Morand and Plumbe Daguerreotypes (on July 24th too), Ashe & Goulet sign and ornamental ptg

True Sun.  Pearl of Geneva, transl by Thomas Williams fr Eugene de Merecourt.  Continued.  Fritz is an artist, his vocation little appreciated by his uncle who will become his rival in love, tells his host he’s an Italian ptr looking to “enrich his album” with pictque views in Switzerland.  He’d never before been in love except with his profession, devoted to fine arts, to statues of Canova, madonnas of Raphael, virgins of Correggio, his divinities passionate adoration, nothing compared to sublime creations of heaven-born-genius except virgin purity of host’s daughter. powerful magnetism, affinity.  artist soon installed as part of the family.  his uncle is a competitor with beloved’s dad in manufacturing, caused him to fail

July 2 Taylor will be president, a moderate, draws fr both parties, inclu Calhoun and Benton and Cass. dogkillers inefficient and black.

I skipped fr Jul 7 to Aug 11. lIkes Hosmer poet, pub out of Trib. 14 party press condemns indep press, possesses neither patriotism indep nor influence, no intellig person can fail to be a partisan. Atwood's Genl Taylor at the Am Museum. Defends Webb. 28 Admired Silas Wright, an ally of John Dix perhaps

Sept 1 not anti-semitic.4 need to value labor and laborers. Like the Eve post, admire Comptroller Flagg. contrib doesn’t want to restore Onderdonk 13 Wash mon new design by Pollard, merit of originality, formed after none of estab orders of archit, symmetrical, beaut and imposing, polygons with tall shaft and lantern, with military trophies and historical documents, statue of Wash encircled y columns and generals, circular stairway ascends, magnif view at top. But climax of stained glass lantern, after manner of oyster saloon, wont do. For Hamilton square. On its height should erect a colossal statue whose lofty position emblematizes eminence of Wash over that of other men, whose magnitude represents the greatness of Wash char, command wonder of every beholder 23 disapprove of light lit, mostly pernicious 27 regret Gazette and Times closes.

Oct 1847 still no Greek Slave! RH Morris, E Hart, Brandreth all at state convention of Dems 6 praises Matteson’s Spirit of 76 engr by Sadd. Tons on Am Inst. don’t see Grk Slave ad. 14 v brief notice of Pius 9 port 15 Wash mon assoc advert earlier; says won’t publish L’s letter condemning design as too violent, nor do we agree entirely with his opinions. Not gigantic humbug, tho there is room for crit. 19 lots on importance of laying cornerstone for Wash mon 20 lots and lots of details abt it, Shepherd Knapp, hamilton Fish, others 22 sad re death of Edw Everett 27 cites Lit World on Humboldt who admired Prescott

Nov 1847 6 p2 Am AU, truly natl object, great public good, gives plan. doesn't support Onderdonk True Sun, Nov 8, 1847, p. 2, City Intelligence, notices Collyer’s model artists immense popularity, moving to Palmo’s, astonishing and delightful. I stopped at the 11th.

Feb 10, 1848, True Sun, p. 3 ads include wax scriptural statuary by Mrs Pelby at Barnum’s, with engravings, also Brunswick’s Statuary, large as life, of Venus de Medicis and Apollo de Medicis, Broadway, 25 cents, Banvard’s Panorama

LOC mfilm for 1848—masthead motto is Light for All. Still a penny.

starts Feb 21, Geo J Gallagher has just become new ed and co-proprietor, wont be neutral anymore, nominally indep press has been obliged to advoc and defend the patriotic policy of the party prosecuting the present war to sucessful termination, will advoc Democratic party asrepresents mass of the people, regular organiz of party, Syracuse Albany and Baltimore convenions. Have hired Thom P Kettell as financial ed. Morrill is the other proprietor.

            critical of Post 29 Americans have bad manners, rude, selfish. Likes Kirkland’s Union mag, its embellishments, Poe, Simms, Miss Sedgwick Geo W Peck, WA Jones. Missing pages, skips to

Mar 4, then to 7th, Callot’s life; Dem Rev is sterling, Kettell, defends him agst Eve Mirror. Likes Sunday Courier. missing pages. 20 France shows popular progress cannot be stopped 25 critical of Webster (Wash corresp as sticks to federalist anti-expansionism). usury laws antiquated.

April gives Astor’s will. Comm Adv apologizing for Louis Philippe, typical of anti-Dorr journals 10 critical of Herald’s efforts re arrest of John Nugent 11 death of boy in Collyer’s model artists 14 NAD review, commencing in order of catalog, family pic of Vicar of Wakefield style, Rossiter, if she was in broad aisle pews of Grace church might account for profusion of all sorts of colors dropped at random, masses of brightness, no reposing spot without being tormented. want sobriety and better drawing. Whitehorne’s Gov Wright been made a target for ridicule, bad taste and ill judged econ of patrons, but not fault of artist, patrons knew his cpaacities. Rossiter blonde brown and brunette, as fancy heads not fanciful, gaudy and crowded. Grunewald better drawn than colored, fire looks like dense fog. Huntington’s port HK Brown excellent. His Princess Eliz, we've seen so many bad pics fr him in last two years, this one is positively bad, no thought or study, dependent on feeling only for effect, child absurdly deficient in costume. Color gd, everything else not as strong as his early work. Gignoux Indian pass, as good as ever, lost slap dash manner, peculiar char of our scenery well represented. capital. W Fisher Blind pilgrim, boldly and freely, an exhib pic, Irish. Kensett Italy excellent in every respect, best lscape in exhib. SS Osgood pond lily, v fond of fancy ports. GA Baker Honr R H Morris, excellent likeness, not much character. Gignoux Niagara faithful, cold enough to make one shiver, will be admired Apr 19 puffs Lyceum old masters, anyone been to Europe will appreciate them, Titian alone repay visit. Rubens  a contemp objected to fruit and oysters as absurd anachronism, but such things abound in Flemish, prob added by Snyders 21 missing 27 have been attacking ed of NY Globe, think its abolitionist 30 missing

May 1848 True Sun

1 Justo Sierra commssioner of Yucatan applied to Pres for protection and relief ! 8 missing, more missing 17 Banvard lots missing crit of Herald 29 support Lewis Cass for pres

June more missing. 7 Barnburners and Whigs fraternizing. 14 notice pictorial brother Jonathan 26 p1 story for the Sun of the sculptor’s umbrella, a French sculptor named C who used to live in the city. editor of Globe used to edit American Statesman. Argue abt Jefferson’s view of slavery. Beach’s Sun abuses the Irish. skips to

July 1 Staats Zeitung for Cass and Butler, beggarly Germ paper puts Van Buren but not real democrats

I skipped to Aug 17. 23 Wash corresp *** admires the Smithsonian bldg, will be finest public bldg in city, cure desolate common. excerpts fr Truth Teller. J of Commerce supports Taylor. 30 BF Butler in free soil camp of demos, I think, True Sun doesn’t like him anymore, but Globe does. Like Forrest’s Othello. 31 H Hastings weld story. Taylor saddled with Fillmore unwillingly.

Sept 1 and a Geo Lippard story. John A Dix the candidate of the barnburners. lots of issues missing in Sept. Corcoran.

Oct 1848 likes and reviews Am Inst, Sunday Courier has story of Child of Shame, young and pop actress of city whose fate excited deep symp in community a few years since 14 James Broooks no abler British loving federalist, nativist, monarchist and corruptionist, tool of manufacturing capitalists and mmoney dealers 16 Herald is looking for Taylor’s public printing 19 notice Lit World 28 WE Robinson connected with Trib aspires to seat in congress

Nov 2 p1 portrait of Geo Law, running against Brooks in 6th Congressional district, Brooks won. missing issues. Bryant poem 23 Wash mon designs now in Odd Fellows Hall, some Egyptian, some Gothic, a third more sketches of fancy, notice Grecian Temple of Corinthian order by John Frazee, pure in its style, enduring. grecian peculiarly adapted to deeds of Washington, age of freedom, hi mental culture, perfection in arts and sciences. Egyptian obelistic style, cold and naked, fitted for tombstones of tyrants, Gothic heavy and abstracted for gross barbarism destroying shrines of liberty, ill suited to Wash. $ a vote. 25 critical of both Macready and Forrest, whose card is bad 30 Intl AU deserves encouragement, gives the plan

Dec Bayard Taylor poem. 16 Wakemans death at Am Inst caused storm, not a hi rep a s a scientific body, need one such to replace him. Wash mon business taken up by speculators, trying it now on the Battery 19 Passages fr Moneypenny, NY Waking up 22 v brief notice of AU distrib 25 notice that great prize of Cole’s Voyage of Life went to guy in Binghamton, gives statistics 28 G writes on Wash Monument, urging vote for Frazee. 30 Ellet fr Am Metro mag. lots of missing pages