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Truth Teller

Truth Teller—allegorical goddess in masthead, casting down male figs of deceit and ? snake NYHS 108 Elm at Canal, $4/yr. Irish Catholic motto Truth is powerful and will prevail

July 14 1838 is first issue. Excerpt Demo Rev. Praise Forrest, he’s under attack by Whigs. 21 Whigs absurd, Courier Express Gazette amd Star (pro Clay, abuses Irish and Catholics). Democratic Republican party announcements.

sept 29 1838 Mayor Clark and His Portrait: Some hoco-pocos of superior genius lately ‘got up’ a farce…the presentation to Mayor Clark of ----…his own Portrait. this “counterfeit presentment,” executed by Mr. Shegogue, represents the persecution of his fellow-men standing with his one hand…resting on some official documents, and the other extended in the air…presume they were the Messages in which the illustrious author called Irishmen “Wild Strangers,” and recommended an “armed and mounted police” for the control of all Foreigners. A full acount of the presentation in last Sunday Morning News, afforded us much sport. a few of his favouring satellites assisted on the occasion, Ex Alderman Patterson, Mayor gave speech praising self knowledge teaching humility, we agree, if you knew yourself, you would burn the picture your friends have given you, and retire at once to the obscurity for which you were designed.

            We wish we could have made some suggestions to Mr Shegogue…could have arranged the details of the picture in keeping with the truth. We would have had the Mayor represented as balancing himself on a Lottery Wheel, holding in one hand the “Wild Stranger” Message, and directing with the other to a beach where suffering mortals were expiring from combined disease and want, a crew of brutal, and abject officers, ready to execute any mandate, however cruel, or barbarous. This would have afforded some conception of Mr Aaron Clark’s uncertain tenure, and outrageous abuse of that station which he unfortunately occupies.

Oct 20 Toby Brief satires, Facts and Fooleries, the Broadway dandy

volume ends with November 10.

1839 NYHS 2 issues

next volume NSHS has is 1842, Feb 26. office now at Pearl and Centre streets. then skips to April 2, 16,23,30. black borders for deaths of bishops.

May 7, skips to June 4 notes Tasistro lecture coming up. editor is Wm Denman. Missing Jul/Aug issues. October, notices Am Inst fair, fairly briefly. Missing a Nov. issue. Publish Hughes’ letters to David Hale of J of Commerce. Lots on Thomas Moore. Hostile to Freeman J. Q their Washington corresp., also R. Tyler is too British, Webster’s influence.

Dec. 17 last issue in volume.

1843, Jan 14 first issue in NYHS volume, office now 70 Bayard st. skips to Feb 18, then to Mar 11. Lots and lots of Hughes. missing Apr 1? Apr 8, 15 American Indians are vanishing, or will intermarry, missing last April issue. May 6 praises The Artist, a monthly Lady’s Book, published by JG Bennett at NY Herald office; also welcome the New Mirror, ed General Morris

skipped July/August. Sept 2 1843, excerpt stuff fr The Nation. Sept 23 p. 300 Fine Arts—Royal Irish Art Union, engraving for year is by Mulready, The Fight Interupted. has had ongoing stuff on Puseyism, including transl article fr Courrier des Etats Unis that answers foolish charges of Colonel Webb.

skipped Dec 1843, end of volume.

Jan 6 1844 starts next NYH volume, America to the rescue of Ireland; repeal Union is constant theme. Skipped Feb. March, April , May 4 Clay’s letter on annexation is supercilious and unstatesmanlike, Truth teller says do it and stop the Brits. June. very hostile to Clay. July—skipped and August. Sept 1844, Oct Nov skipped most of Dec.


Jan 4. mentions trial of Bishop Onderdonk neutrally. Feb, March 8 p. 75 Hollow! Hollow! by B, I stood beneath a hollow tree--…The hollow Tory but betrays/The hollow dupes who heed him…Whate’er I see is like this tree, All hollow etc” April missing issues. May, June 21 Process of Sculpture Michaelangelo grappling with the marble block was a waste of time, if modelled in clay and cast in plater and got it rough hewn by some ordinary hand, he might have made three where he made but one, and avoided those mistakes of which he is accused. Flaxman is a master. Black borders for death of A Jackson.

Skipped July and August—volume ends with the 9th.

2 issues in July 1848 NYHS—support Lewis Cass and Wm O Butler

1850 1 issue.