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Working Man's Advocate

Working Man’s Advocate Mar 30 1844 NYHS mfilm, $1 year 4 cents single. Leggett motto. Land reform Geo Evans and John Windt, office of the People’s Rights. The Republic a paper to support interests of British fundmongers. Fourierism tedious and uncertain. Error in our system is political. Port collector Edw Curtis betrayed the democrats in Congress. J of Commerce supports Native Americans. Symp to Bishop Hughes re schools. John J Ryan has left the Republic. Has poems but really only one subject. Gov Dorr a hero. Gerrit Smith attacked as hypocrite, landholder versus abolitionist, all must have right to land before can be free. Skipped fr Jul to Sept. 14. anti-paper money. Like Mike Walsh and spartans, Robt Owen. Mayor Harper is an Odd Fellow, we are opposed to all secret societies. Nominate Parke Godwin for Congress in 5th, he accepts! Skipped fr Nov 16 to Jan  excerpts fr the Plebeian. Miss JA Walker on women of the revolution. to Mar 15 1845, column header is Young America: Nat Ref Assoc. Takes fr Eve Mirror a Judge Douglass of Illinois piece. then skips to Apr 20 fragmentary, then Young America starts with Sept 23 1848, 4 cents, but still is the organ  of the NRA. Trib advocates our measures. don’t vote for Van Buren for Pres. That’s the only issue.

Workingman’s Advocate—Windt and Evans, Ann and Nassau st, $1.50 year, 4 cents

covers Fourierism, National Reform Assoc. often excerpts the Herald. mostly pro-annexation. Critical of Eve Post for opposing legislation to protect workers. critical of West Point

            --with Subterranean and Young America, doesn’t have much on art