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New York Daily Whig NYPL 2 reels

ceased pub Mar 18, 1840. Pub James G Wilson, 127 Nassau, 2 cents. fairly small sheet, 5 columns. Rufus Dawes and SJ Burr, editors



Jan 15, 1838 (18th issue), still running its prospectus, nation is in a crisis, corrupt administrations. need free public schools. must have union. interests of Labor. Edw Pinckney poem. 16 plan to do a series of sketches of NY, few kow much about it. 17 approve of an international copyright 18, 19 talk about the ‘Tories’ a lot. 20,22, 23 regularly baits New Era 24,25 likes Park theater. 29,30 likes J of Am Inst with speech by Seward 31 crit of Forrest, admire Dunlap


Feb 1 1838 2 crit of evening post’s econ policy  3 p.1 republish fr Mirror satire on Metallic Currency by Johnson, complicated—metallic currency has cut dandy, needs shin plasters. notices Catlin’s Indian Gallery reopened, added Osceola, everybody patronises him 7 pro Merc Lib 8 calls on its readers to WAKE Up! 10 notices Catlin again and Osceola 12 p. 2 cartoon on the Sub Treasury, a kind of dungeon? with Van Buren and Benton by light of a loco foco match. likes Miss Cushman. 13, 14 OW Holmes poem, has series on American Literature by Isocrates starts by reviewing decline in Brit lit, mentions Prescott and Bancroft, Sparks 15,16, 17, 19,20 another longer blurb on Catlin, instructive, faithful to scenery, impossible to look at land without thinking of the numerous people that prob oce inhab that region, and of the v diff race that will soon spread themselves over the same grd. ill fated red men rapidly dwindling, manners of Mandan and Minatarre also faithful 21 poem fr Knick, puffs Shakespr hotel. Amer lit series continues, Prescott again, then back to Brit lit 23 supports Erie  rrd 24, 26 poem by PM Wetmore fr The Critic, p2 Powers the sculptor, great orig genius, to sculpture what Page of this city is in ptg, lover of nature and regenerator of the truly beaut, rank with old masters, speak of a new era n the fine arts. Expect to publish a Powers letter? 27 note death of Cilley, who uttered falsehoods on floor of House, victim of his own folly. Duelling ought to be put down, unxtian, ladies in south approve it, it is the least of several evils that beset society 28 p.2 port of Benton in Demo Rev doesn’t do him justice, doesn’t look like a loco foco, as that print would have you suppose


Mar 1 1838 lots more on the duel, ongoing, defending Graves et al 2,3,5,6 notices new litho by HR Robinson, thrust at locofocos, Jackson; satire of two darkies in Wash fighting duel over cleaning lady 8, 9 p.1 The Last Loco Foco, or the hum of the Golden Vault by J Tennessee Crooker, clings to rock, empty boat behind him 10 Port of Osceola by Capt JR Vinton, best likeness of him, in full health (has a big ad)12,13,14,15, 16 p. 2 illus of Labor sounding the Alarm for Liberty, more classical in style than the cartoons 17,19,20 approve Geo P Morris and Wm L Stone 21 p.2 poet and the locofocos, eve post rat deserting sinking ship? 22 masthead wants Aaron Clark for mayor. puffs p.3 advertisement by POR for instruction in drwg and ptg 23 p1 has illus of volcanoes in the moon 24 p.1 almost genre like ptg of Magician’s Last Hope, or NY lost to Martin, cabin interior, man blowing at fire otehrs in comical positions, tries to make a deal with the devil 26, 27, 28 Catlin lecture, praises Dr Alcott of Boston books 29 Sigourney poem on Columbus before University of Salamanca 30,31 Catlin’s concluding lecture, should have been more crowded given importance of the subj, a eulogy over the departed, smallpox, also his interview with Osceola. defends Joseph Neal fr Star’s accusation he imitates Dickens


Apr 2 1838, 4,5 likes Martineau’s port of Van Buren 6, 7 caricature of Amos Kendall, maybe as a sort of Judas 9, 10 caricature of Van Buren with a bust of Jackson 11, 12 p1 reuses labor illu to be a call to Whiggs to save the city 13 Willis of Mirror a genius 14 Whig triumph 16


skips to May 1, 1838, which has no 5 of Random Sketches in NY May 2 has fiction on the front (the Money Diggers but not Irving’s). praises Hanington’s dio, ptgs elegant 4 Clay proposed a Congress of Nations (a UN) 5 imitates Bennett’s style of mocking New Era and loco focos, Fanny Wright et al 7, 8,9, 10 (no NAD ad) 11, 12, 14, 15,16,17 describes Emerson who has critiqued Van Buren’s Cherokee treaty, as one of the most orig thinkers in the country who buries the finest thoughts in the obscurest phraseology. He is both before the age and behind it. 18, 19 NY Sketches no 7, Broadway by Day 21 praises the Olympic 22 defends Willis 23 CP Cranch poem fr Knick 23 p.2 NAD Exhib of Pics Criticism, we’ve been asked why we don’t notice, not many men are critics, Amer Acad has bad management. Cole mentioned. 24 Fourierism—they are profoundly ignonrant 25, 26 WC Bryant poem 28,29, 30 reg puffs Hannington 31


June 1 1838 Cherokee removal a crime 2,4,5 p.1 Sketches of NY, Bowery by night, distinct classes belong to it and Broadway, ladies shopping to department stores in morning, while ladies in Bowery and Chatham work so save shopping til evening. Park Theater, Tammany Hall, chatham street and the Jews, pawnbrokers, clothes, Franklin, North American hotel, burnt Bowery, Butchers and Drovers Bank with stone dogs in front of it, terminates at Vauxhall. 7,8,9,11, 12 is running medical/surgery reports and has had a money colummn 13,14, 15 missing, 16 poem by Park Benjamin.

Stopped at 18 and skipped July/August


Sept 1 1838 3, 4 p.1 Wm Wallace’s poem on The American Press, Bryant, Willis, Halleck, Dana, Wetmore, Neal, Gallagher, Whittier, all praise 5 recommends Mechanics Fair for ladies, too, reviews the objects at length 6 review of Mech Inst includes Williamsburgh Washington Fire Engine no 1, ptg of surrender of Cornwallis, shipWashington and General himself, latter truly splendid 7 critical of the Union Club as harboring Van Burenites 8, 10, 11 Mech Fair Saloon has good ship paintings. critical of Spirit of the times 12 puffs Signor Sanguinetti’s ptgs in Acad of FA in Barclay st, our countrymen have left unnoticed, feel mortified, no love of fine arts, we don't see good originals, wealthy amateurs buy copies, to be sold 13, 14 support Seward. Catherwood pano magnif. 15 Greeley song to Clay, Ship has weathered the storm 17 new method drwg in zinc 18 19 the story of Murillo’s slave 20,22,24, 25 Burr is now the sole editor 26 Sale of Sanguinetti’s ptgs, completely sacrificed, Andrea del Sarto only $610, Raphael MAdonna ibkt $300, a Guido etc, let’s talk no more of patronising the arts 27


NYPL misc New-York Weekly Whig, Of all the disposition and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispendable supports, GW, $3/yr, Sept 29 1838

            1st page had political cartoon satirizing Van Buren blowing soft soap suds in the kitchen. Support Seward and Bradish of course


Skipped fr Oct 1 to Nov 29—did have a cartoon of Van Buren getting the NY election results, where reel ends


Reel 2

Jan 1 1839, 3, 5, 7. publishing Combe’s phreno lectures. has satires on Loafers. 10 p1 historical sketches of Old ptrs. Horace Greeley writes letters from Albany. 17 nt clear who the editor is any more. Same Albany corresp writing for both the New Era and the Herald? James G Brookes. they lean toward Clay even before this. 22 praises Robinson caricatures skimmed rest of month.


Skipped February.

March 1 1839. 2 price is 12 ½ cents a week. 4, 5 Dr Channing is a Whig, Eve Post mocks him as not real Democracy 8 big fan of NP Tallmadge, Senator. puffs Snowden. 9,11,12,13,14,15,16 Man of the People, portrait of Clay by Osgood now at Colman’s, sternness in countenance makes it appear like Clay in his not happy moments, still nobility ad intelligence, engr is fine 18 think the Corsair will take, despite vice of quoing foreign languages too frequently and its heartlessness, pub out of Astor hse 19,20,21,22, 23 has Barlow’s hasty pudding 25 Gallery of ptgs in Barclay st (Dubufe, Whichelo et al) 27, 29 have a Poe short story 30


April 1839 1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13 lost election, need registry of voters. Morning Dispatch edited H Hastings Weld does great credit, penny paperavoids depraved and corrupting details< nassau and Beekman 16,17 don't want Scott for President tho admire him as a soldier, want Clay, but Sun is attacking Scott people. Washington is now above their masthead 19,20,22, 23 had a Willis poem in previous issue, now has a letter fr LEL fan to the Editors of the Corsair (fr a Baltimore paper), shouldn’t call LEL vulgar 24 Morse on daguerreotype 25,26,27,29 the Sun is vicious and immoral


May 1 1839 moved offices to 162 Nassa. 2, 3, 4 Astor House sketches include Willis 6 Mocha Dick of the Pacific 7,8, 10 NAD: annual is open and attracts v genl attn, some to admire, condemn, criticize, eulogize, but we haven’t gone yet at all. Mean to do so soon. 13 Evening Post: corresp asks how can editor who writes blasphemous political balderdash, endorses Fanny Wright and pets Forrest etc write such beautiful poetry? Editor agrees, our best American poet. One can write noble poetry and not conform life or heart to those sentiments. Painter David of France is his example. But Bryant a man of pure morals, his poetical temperament means he lacks skepticism to look below rhetoric to base and selfish practices inspiring thoughts conceal, zeal for Liberty andDemocracy veil hideousness 15, 16 puffs DR Barker portrait ptr moved to Pearl st, gratifying improvement 17,18,20 likes Channing 21 likes Robinson’s litho of Miss Clinton 22, 23,24,25, 27,28 notices Sully’s portrait of Vic is coming. E Reynolds on Broadway advertises correct profile likenesses for 25 cents, pencil sketches 50 cents, Indian ink $1.50-$3 whole length colored $5, these figures convey a more general idea of the character than a mere head, showing the most natural positions, etc. Miniatures in ivoy $10-20. Didn’t see NAD ad. 29 like Martineau. 30 puffs Barclay st gallery at suggestion of a friend conversant with Art, new coll Ital ptgs, most eminent of old masters, manifestly the most extensive and superb ever this side ofAtlantic 31


June 1839 1 Fowler took phreno head of Leggett, excellent likeness (Leggett just died) 3,4,5,6 Mr Frazer gman collecting pics, large no of rare merit, opening a gallery on Braodway, ancient and modern art esp lviing artists, seen at all times 7,8 puffs the collection at the American Acad in Barclay st, masterpieces of great masters, and at no 3 less pretnetious but original works by Rembrandt, Leonardo etc Hogarth 10,11 American’s Letters from the Old World is by Mrs Haight of NY 12 diatribe on depravity of the Sun 14, 15 Dorfeuille convinced us Infernal Regions in Broadway is not a mere copy of the celebrated Cinti exhi; ptgs of Allston may be brought to city 17,18,19,20 hostile to J of Commerce 21, 24 denies Herald and J of Commerce are Whig 25,26,27 No Allston exhib. Likes Catherwood 28, 29 JB Moore hired as Editor of the paper, previous editors will continue as his associates. Praises NY Mirror’s last number for its portrait after Inman of Prosper M Wetmore, excellent engraving, fine spirited looking gman. Translation by Halleck though is mediocre, though NY Gazette loves him beyond reason


July 1 1839 2,3,4,6 puffs Evening Tattler. Stopped with July 9, 10,11,12,13, 15 Alexander McCall joining NY Gazette 16, 17, 19, 2022, 24,25 27 31 skipped August.

Sept 2,3,4 Lines on beholding Capt James Lawrence monument in Trinity church by C 5,6,7 approve Mechanics Fair 9, 10 puffs an auction of statues, busts etc at Acad FA Italian art 11,12,14,16,17,19,20,21,26, 27,28 Daily Whig price reduced to one cent, horaceGreeley will do political dept, present editor will do Metropolitan life and occurrences, reduce size Sept 30 flag added to masthead, and motto up now, in Freedom’s manly part, From graybeard eld to fiery youth, And on the Nation’s naked heart, Scatter the living coals of Truth. has excerpt on theDaguerreotype.


Oct 1 1839 2,3 Theron Rudd’s new locofoco paper the Reformer 4, 5 says small papers have agreed to put an end to newboys 7,8,9, 10 Am Inst fair swimmingly 11, 12, jq adams poem the hour glass 14, 16 18, 19 praise Hone 21,24, 25 skipped to Nov 13, excerpts on Stephens and ruins in Central America 14,18, enlarged again 20,21,23,25,27 flag is gone from masthead, Greeley is gone too. long excerpt fr Catlin’s description of his work


Dec 2,3,4,5,9 p. 3 Mr Leslie the American Artist, letter to the editor says in Saturday paper an editorial, should know Leslie was American 10,11,14,16,17, 18,19. Stopped there—reel goes through Feb 1840.