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New York Mechanic (American Mechanic)

New York Mechanic, June 26 1841, vol 1 no 26, y Ann st, elaborate masthead, with classical building over a bent arm with hammer, gears and rules at sides. Illus of an invention; poem fr NY Planet. P. 2 The Fine Arts, petition to Mayor and Aldermen re a Gall of Ptgs and Designs belonging to city, free admission, to vote at polls how much to spend to support such an institution. Only one opinion of its utility, all would derive instr and pleasure if selection was judicious, natural philos, history, architecture, steam engines, mechanic arts, ports, landscapes, sketches of fancy, no subj untouched that could interest the curious. Hope it will ‘go ahead’! People may complain of taxes when money is squandered, but institutions of real utility shld be encouraged, add names to signature. Agree with Trib shld have public baths, no booths in Park.